Intermediate action segues

Storyboards segues are very cool. They are very easy yet powerful. They help to incapsulate presentation logic and move it out from view controllers. And adaptive segues are state of the art. There is only one thing (almost) left if view controller - managing segue performance using those two commonly used methods: func shouldPerformSegueWithIdentifier(identifier: String, sender: AnyObject?) -> Bool func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) And those methods are the place where we usually screw up everything with our custom logic based on tons of if or switch statements. Then we introduce different routers, coordinators and God knows »

iOS storyboards: segregation

Recently here at Rambler&Co mobile team we decided to try technique of storyboards segregation (separation in other words). We came to the conclusion that this simple technique together with other techniques we use can help us to improve our's projects architecture, code readability and stability. Here is what we came up with. Many techniques of applications development are based on user stories (or use cases), in short - small logically connected pieces of functionality that application provides to user. Developers too also use the term of 'use cases' in application architecture design. So why not to use this »