iOS UI Automation Tests at Babylon

This article is based on the talk I gave at iOS Astronauts meetup that was held on 03.10.2018 at Babylon. You can check out this talk and other videos as well as join the meetup group here. Probably every iOS developer nowadays knows what UI tests are and how to write them. Sometimes we don't even have to write them ourselves because Xcode can do that for us. Of course, the result is far from ideal and probably you don't want to keep it as it is in your tests, but point is that it's not hard to »

Parameterized jobs in CircleCI

The title is a lie - there is no such thing as parameterized jobs (at the time of writing, but seems it’s going to be improved in 2.1) when we are talking about CircleCI 2.0 workflows, which are (almost) awesome by the way. But with some tricks, we can achieve something close to that. Here is the problem. Let's say we have a bunch of jobs which are exactly the same except what build or test command they invoke in the end. They all need to perform the same sequence of actions: checkout code install dependencies (different »