Adaptive text styles

Textual content is the essential part of any app and text handling in iOS has been improving through last years. Starting with iOS 7 we have dynamic types and text styles, then in iOS 8 we got self sizing cells that help a lot when you want to adopt dynamic type. With trait collections we also expanded the ways how we can adapt text to different environments. And Apple was constantly extending those APIs exposing new font styles, font wights and so on. There is one "but" here. I don't have official statistics and will be glad to »

View themes

In my previous post you could see that I've used ColorTheme and ThemedView protocol to easily customize view appearance. Though that solution works I was not satisfied with it from very beginning. Here I try to find another solution. What I really didn't like about my that solution was a check of tag type (if let tag = tag as? FormTextField.ThemeColorTag). Usually I try to avoid any kind of type checking. But here I have nothing to do but to check the type of tag. The problem is that I tried to define some base protocol for color them. That »