About me

Hi there!

My name is Ilya and I'm iOS developer from Moscow, Russia. Nice to meet you!

I began to develop for iOS in 2011 soon after iPad release in Russia. Back then I was working in CoolConnections where I was responsible for technical support and organization of different cinema events. Therefore I've desided to create iOS app for 35mm cinema hall which we were managing.

In march 2012 I've decided to become professional iOS developer and started to work in Denivip Media. The company specialised on creating video streaming platforms. There I've developed few apps for live & vod streaming of football games. Later I was working on some startups of the company.

When I felt that I want to move further I got into Mail.ru. There I was working on mobile ads framework for applications cross-promo and Target@Mail platform.

Since May 2014 till March 2015 I worked as Senior iOS developer in Rambler&Co. Our mobile team works on almost every mobile application for holding's projects, such as Afisha, Afisha-Eda, Afisha-Mir, Championat.com, Redigo, and all new applications like Afisha-Restaurants.

In April 2015 I moved to Berlin and started as an iOS developer in Sync Engine team at Wire in Berlin. Check out their open source to see what I was working on. Then I moved on to HelloFresh where I stayed for two years and was an iOS chapter lead in on of the most product oriented squads. I still got credits for this small app I hacked together there in early days.

And currently I'm based in London and working here for babylon.

Open source

Sometimes I contribute to the open source.

Dip - dependency injection framework

Sourcery - General purpose code generator for Swift

Stencil - templating engine for Swift

XCTest-Gherkin - Gherkin syntax for XCTestCase

& more

Public speaking

Sometimes I speak at conferences.

iOS UI automation at Babylon

Dip master class

Dependency Injection in Swift