35mm Cinema Hall app


This project was my first experience in iOS development. I started it by my own while I was working at CoolConnections and continued to support and improve it some time later when I quit that company to pursue a developer career. I used this app to learn about Cocoa Touch, to dive into new features of new iOS versions (when I started iOS 5 was just released, later I added support for iOS6 and redesigned all app for iOS 7) and practice in mobile apps design.

It's not available in App Store at this moment for reasons beyond my control.

App features:

  • cinema hall schedule (films, q&a, special events)
  • tickets purchase (via kassa.rambler.ru)
  • social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Vk.com)
  • contacts info

What I've done:

  • user interface design
  • app development
  • backend API improvements (Codeigniter framework)
  • App Store publication

What frameworks and technologies I used:
CoreData (local storage), QuartzCore, ImageIO (for detecting faces on posters in adjusting image offset), NSOperation (for async generation of blured images), XCTest, Crashlitics, AFNetworking, Google Analytics iOS SDK, OHHTTPStubs, Cocoapods